Coronavirus Updates Page

Please check this page for regular updates



UPDATE – 2022 onwards

We are continuing to offer table service & regular cleaning to ensure we remain a safe environment to visit.

We have plenty of covered & heated outside space if you would feel more comfortable on one of these tables. Please let us know when booking.

Whilst we’ll endeavour to make Kitchen Garden gigs and shows as safe as possible by providing indoor & outdoor seating, good ventilation, and safe distances between groupings, we realise that this will not be 100% possible for some of our busier shows – please consider this before buying tickets.

We’re not going to pretend that we will be 100% “Covid-safe”, realistically very few places, where people congregate, truly are. All we can ask is that you are considerate of people who may be more vulnerable than you.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

🎶Any gigs that have been postponed or cancelled, if you can’t make the new date or it’s cancelled you’ll receive a refund automatically. Our website will be the most up to date source for gig info 🎶.

Keep an eye on our social pages & website for updates.

Take care, stay safe & see you very soon 🙂