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Tue  13th Nov

Tir na nOg

8pm (Doors 7.30pm)

Tir na nOg have been described as Alt Folk, Prog Folk, Psych Folk, and even Space Folk! But the duo, formed by Leo O’Kelly & Sonny Condell in 1970, transcends all these categories. What is not in doubt is that they are two of the most original and influential songwriters and performers Ireland has ever produced. Their guitars wind and mesh gorgeously together, their voices likewise; nor can they be separated for the quality of their songwriting. Songs like Condell’s ‘Our Love Will Not Decay’, ‘Eyelids Into Snow’ and ‘Two White Horses’, and O’Kelly’s ‘Piccadilly’, ‘So Freely’ and ‘Looking Up’ are as good as anything Ireland’s produced in the past four decades.
2015 saw the eagerly awaited release of a new studio album, 'The Dark Dance' - their first since 1973! Classic Rock magazine listed this as their 3rd best prog album of 2015! It has received glowing reviews across the music press.
'....oozes with prog-folk magic’ (R2 Magazine)
‘The Dark Dance is an acoustically mounted piece of great refinement, on a record often embellished by strings and moments of eastern promise'’ (Prog Magazine)
Each of these deceptively serene songs has an underlying mysticism, an arcane quality that cannot be denied' (Classic Rock Magazine)

Tickets:  £12 ad £14 door

Tickets available from the Cafe or


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