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ORGANIC GARDENING. At the Kitchen Garden Shop we are here to help you grow your own food without using chemical pesticides, fertilizers or weedkillers. You can control unwanted pests and weeds naturally which is better for the local wildlife, your health and ultimately, the planet too!

Here at the Kitchen Garden you will find a hidden oasis in suburbia. Walk through our gates to find yourself amidst an array of plants, vegetables, flowers and herbs.

The specialist ORGANIC GARDEN SHOP, staffed by experienced organic gardeners offers free help and advice.

The shop stocks plenty of traditional and innovative ideas to help your garden stay wildlife-friendly without the wildlife all dining out in your veg plot.

We offer:

  • Flower and vegetable seeds
  • Vegetable plugs
  • A good selection of unusual and edible plants
  • Organic composts, mulches and fertilisers
  • Wormeries and Composters
  • Tools and garden accessories
  • A wide range of organic pest and disease control
  • Free organic gardening advice
Workshops held in our Art Shed this Autumn and Christmas